Meet Our singers


CEO/Founder: Naisha Agarwal

Naisha is a junior at Saratoga High School who is extremely passionate about helping her community through her favorite hobby: singing! She was a top 20 semifinalist for the South Bay Teen Idol, a competition with more than one hundred singers from all over the South Bay. Naisha has performed in numerous events over the years, and will be performing at Carnegie Hall June 2021. She is also a part of the Saratoga High Chamber Choir, a member of the varsity tennis team, and is the president of TEDx at SHS!


Vice President: Alex Yang

Hey! My name is Alex Yang and I'm a rising junior at Saratoga High School. I really enjoy singing and music in general and being able to be a part of Singing for Smiles is really awesome! I'm a baritone and I've been taking lessons for almost two years now. I also love being outdoors; hiking, biking, swimming, snowboarding, and doing other activities that are fun!

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Secretary/Outreach Head: Kasvi Singh

Kasvi Singh is a rising junior at Design Tech High School who loves music. She started singing in kindergarten and never stopped. Kasvi sings with a choir. She also plays the violin in a local orchestra. In her free time, she is learning how to play the piano. Kasvi is beyond excited to be a part of Singing for Smiles!


Website Manager: Elaine Liu

Hello! My name is Elaine and I’m a rising junior at Saratoga High School. In my free time, I love to sketch, listen to music, eat hotpot, or sing! Singing is one of my favorite pastimes, and I often sing karaoke with my mom at home. In the past, I was a member of the Colorful Universe singing troupe and I also won the 2019 Saratoga Idol judge's pick award.


Tech Head: Simarya Ahuja

Hi! My name’s Simarya Ahuja, and I’m a freshman at Saratoga High School. I’ve had a passion for singing ever since I was two or three years old, and it’s one of my favorite ways to express myself. I’ve been performing since elementary school, and I love it because it brings me joy to see the smiles on people’s faces whenever I sing. I’ve done two singing competitions, and I made it as far as the semifinals in both of them. I joined Singing for Smiles because of my love for singing and performing, and I’m super excited to be part of it. Outside of singing, I like learning how to play pop songs on the piano and playing badminton with my family.


Outreach Head: Shriya Srinivasan


Shriya Srinivasan is an incoming junior at Saratoga High School. She loves to sing and dance. She has been singing for 11 years. She first started off by learning Indian classical music before joining her school's choir in Freshman year. Some of her other hobbies include reading and spending time with her friends and family.


My name is Amrita Gopal, and I’m a sophomore in high school. Music is one of my passions, and I’ve been involved in choir ever since middle school. One of the things that I love about singing is the joy it brings to others, which is why I am so excited to be a part of this wonderful team. In addition to singing, I also enjoy musical theater and playing the piano and guitar.


Hi! My name is Mahati Kotamraju and I’m currently a rising sophomore. Some passions of mine include painting, cooking and of course, singing. I’ve been singing Indian classical music for 11 years now and participated in my middle school choir from 6 to 8th grade.


Hey my name is Sayan Manney and I have been singing for the past 5 years. I’m a senior at Saratoga High School.


Hi! My name is Mithil Chakraborty, and I am a senior at Saratoga High School. Ever since I was young, singing and dancing have been my passions. My parents tell me that once I learned how to talk, I sang immediately thereafter, which fostered my passion for music. When I turned six, I started to take formal Western vocal lessons, and Bollywood and Hip Hop dance lessons from the Mona Khan Company. Since then, I have developed my performance skills by singing and dancing at various events, including a Breast Cancer Awareness fundraiser, the Golden State Warriors halftime show, a Retired Teachers Banquet, the Reception for Prime Minister of India Modi, and the Gaana Music Festival.


My name is Serena, and I’m a rising junior at Saratoga High School. I’ve always loved singing since a young age, and I have been singing in a competitive choir for the past two years. In my spare time, I love playing guitar and piano, and I also love playing card games. I hope to spread joy through Singing with Smiles!


Hi! My name is Aarav, and I have been singing since I was 9 years old. I have performed over ten times on stage and am currently the youngest member of the Cupertino High School acapella choir. I have always been keen on joining a platform where I could use this ability to bring a smile on people's faces, and provoke in them the emotion of joy. Singing for Smiles is just the platform I required and I am glad to be part of the team!


My name is Shani Chiu. I am a junior at Saratoga High. I have loved singing ever since I was 9. I've been writing and making my own songs since the 6th grade and it is something I'm extremely passionate about. I'm also very passionate about art. I'm glad to be a part of this team and look forward to the many wonderful gigs in the future and hope to improve and make new friends along the way.


Hi! My name is Hope Deluca! I'm 17 years old(a senior at Hopkington High School Massachusetts which is crazy), and I have been singing for as long as I can remember! I wrote my first song when I was 7 and I've been writing and playing music ever since!


Hi! My name is Ellora! I love to sing and have been singing since I was in first grade! I've done many musicals in school and for an organization called Chrysalis! I performed the national anthem with my middle school show choir for the Harlem Globe Trotters which was super exciting but also really nerve-racking! I have a dog who is really annoying, grumpy, and disgusting, but also the cutest! I'm currently a junior at Homestead High School, and hungry. 


Hello! My name is Esha Natu and I graduated from Monta Vista High School this year. Singing is a fun hobby of mine that I do now and again. Outside of singing for Singing for Smiles you can find me volunteering some more and hanging out with friends and family. I'm super excited to be a part of the Singing for Smiles team!


Hi! My name is Vismaya Panicker and I’m a senior at Saint Francis High School. I have always been someone afraid of being on stage and singing helped me to face that fear. Now I perform sometimes and also write my own songs. What I like most about music is being able to express yourself and your emotions. In addition to singing I am a swimmer. I also love playing my guitar, cooking, and biking. I also have a crazy kitten named Akira that I love.


Hi, i’m Kashish Lalmohammed i’m a freshman attending austin high school based in Sugarland, TX. My hobbies are playing basketball which i’ve been doing for 3 years and singing which i’ve been doing my whole life. I want to make the world a better place by using any talent as a way to do it!


My name is Mira Doncsev. Ever since my early childhood ages I have shown interest in performing arts since both my parents are well accomplished in the field of music. I started off my education by getting admitted into a selective singing school in Europe. I learned amongst the best singers of my country. I moved to the US about three years ago now and have dreamed of pursuing my singing career here. I’m currently 12 years old and go to Kennedy Middle School in Cupertino,CA. I really wanted to join singing for smiles initiative because I love to sing and I love seeing people smile and enjoy when I perform. That is what makes me happy.


Hi! My name is Nia Gupte. I’m a 7th grader at Rancho Milpitas Middle School. I have been singing since I was 2 years old. Since 1st grade, I have always had the joy of singing in front of people. That’s why I joined Singing for Smiles! In addition to singing, I like to draw, bake, and keeping in touch with my friends!


Hi! My name is Namrata Venkatesh, and I'm from Bangalore, India. Music is my passion and I come from a family of musicians. I enjoy singing old Hindi, Kannada, and other regional languages. I am so happy to be a part of Singing for Smiles and be able to spread smiles to others!

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Hi! My name is Prajwal Chaddha! I am from Mumbai, India. I have performed in India Idol 5 and also performed in various stage shows as a singer across the nation. So happy to be a part of this wonderful initiative!


Hey! I’m Pallavi and I’m 17 studying my 12th grade at Mount Carmel college. I started my formal training in Carnatic classical music at the age of 12. I have completed my junior and practicing senior classical music from Smt Rashmi. I have given many performances in various platforms in Karnataka. Singing for smiles gave me such an amazing vibe and a platform to showcase such talents which I really needed. Im happy to see people cheering and smiling while you are giving your performance. This is what makes me happy! I’m really glad to be a part of it.


Hi! I’m Parinitha from Bangalore. Music and Singing have always interested me. Love exploring different genres of music. Earlier, have been a part of a theatre club as a singer.
Happy to be a part of Singing for smiles


Akshay Sudheendra

I currently finished PU from Kumarans college. I started my formal training in Carnatic classical music at a very young age. Currently practicing Hindustani classical music from Smt Nethra Nath. I have given various shows across karnataka and have lend my voice for a kannada movie BALLPEN(music by Manikanth Kadri sir)


Hi, Everyone! My name is Ava, and I am currently a sophomore. I’ve been singing ever since I was little, and it has always been a passion of mine. I joined a formal choir in the 6th grade and have continued my journey through various groups up until now. Along with singing, I am a big fan of composing my own music for both choirs and orchestras and hope to continue improving my skills in both singing and composing. I joined Singing for Smiles in order to hopefully share my love of music and add a little bit of light into people’s days during these difficult times

Hi! My name is Yuzuki Kobayashi. I am the head of Japan chapter. I can’t sing very well though I like to listen to music. I think music has a magical power to make us smile. Besides listening to music, I like to play sports. Right now, I’m into archery!


Hey everyone! I am Ajay Krishnan, a current sophomore at Saint Francis High School. I joined Singing for Smiles as I feel it is a great way to perform in a new medium enjoyable by all!


Hi! My name is Ashika Balamuragan. I'm a junior at Prospect High School. I've been singing since childhood and I have taken various singing classes. I joined Singing for Smiles because I have a passion for singing.


Hello! My name is Kaci and I am currently a junior at Pacific Coast High School. I have always loved performing in front of an audience ever since I was really young because I began performing as a competitive figure skater at age 7. I also used to be a member of my school’s choir. Mainly, the reason why I joined Singing for Smiles is because along with performing in front of an audience, I was thrilled to know that I would be helping putting smiles on people’s faces and bring joy in people’s hearts.


My name is Hazel Gerson. I am a junior at Los Gatos High school. I have been a singer my whole life and won South Bay Teen Idol in 2019. When I learned about the project, I was extremely inspired and wanted to to participate. It’s a beautiful project that builds our community and makes us closer through our art.


hi i’m zoe, and i’m a sophomore ! i take choir at my high school and have been taking singing lessons at bytes and notes for a couple of months now virtually ! i’ve always enjoyed singing in music class at school. music is what keeps me going through my toughest times, and it is what i’m passionate about. i joined singing for smiles because i wanted to find a way to help others through something i love, as well as enjoy !! hopefully through this, i will be able to help bring a smile on someone’s face 🙂 


My name is Anya and I'm a freshman at EVHS. I've been singing for as long as I can remember and I can't put into words how much happiness music gives me. I hope to be able to provide people with the same joy I get through music.